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12 th China International Nutrition and Health Industry (Shanghai) Exposition

Time 1: Aug 23, 2011 - Aug 25, 2011

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Health & Medicine Shanghai Shanghai new international expo center (SNIEC), the pudong new area in Shanghai longyang road, number 2345 Beijing world expo has international exhibition Co., LTD

Event Profile: 11 th China international health industry exposition attracted from 22 countries 33 provinces and regions of more than 900 participating enterprises, foreign enterprise achieves 200, only Taiwan area to reach nearly exhibitors. The event display size more than 22000 square meters, and the previous set. 20 DuoGe stationed in Chinese embassy to relevant organizations and from 20 DuoGe national 80000 visitors (including China accounts for 83876, foreign audience of 2527) common witness the exhibition of the unprecedented grand occasion. The enterprise covers health food, nutrition food, functional food, leisure health products, health drinks, thin body beauty products, cosmetics, health medicinal raw materials, pharmacy raw materials, health care drugs, health care supplies, etc. Beijing's world expo held health industry exposition after 11 years nurturing, has reached the exhibition, international and professional brand degree. As service quality and raise the level of management, and the exhibitors, professional people visit under the support of the industry, has become a recognized as one of the largest and the best effect of Asia, the most popular industry event; Shanghai and Beijing exhibition and promotion, synchronous investment promotion detonated the country Should the exhibitors requirements, health fair from 2011 in the first half of the 11 th up in Beijing, the second half in Shanghai, a nationwide sales platform, for each of the participating enterprises rapid product to enter the market and take good bridge. China is now the world's largest health food consumption market. According to Beijing, Shanghai, market investigation, at present 93% of children and 78% of old man and nearly 50% of young and middle-aged consumer health food, more than 95% family standing there are different types of nutrient health food. Will be spending fund to the health product transfer and buying health has become consumer behavior, in the global scope of a return to natural green wave of nutrition, health food is becoming the focus of the market. Beijing and Shanghai-China's two largest cities, in 2011 and the friends from all over the world all countries meet! Health expo will in the northeast, south China, north China, east China, central China, southwest and northwest seven big area, will the publicity of popularity and type and market demands for customers fully combine to win business opportunities. In order to make a complete business environment, and our staff in world expo has the unique experience to provide comprehensive exhibition high quality service. No matter the size, you can stand to enjoy our comfortable exhibition environment and efficient service.

Visitor's Profile: 1 and power, prestige sales network terminal dealer, agents, the joining trader, application business, trade company and health food for the center, etc. 2, professional nutrition health food wholesale market, large supermarkets, department stores, a pharmaceutical business group, green health care food chain and operation counters, health preservation hall, health management chain institutions and private clubs, community supermarket chain and convenience stores. 3, foreign buyers, import and export trade company, 130 multinational embassy by, trade associations, 50 DuoGe provinces and cities, the central enterprise Beijing office state-owned assets supervision trade union system, home, nursing homes, scientific research institution and nutrition health food production enterprise technical staff and senior managers, etc. 4, customer service, trade service agencies, a gift shop, important units, etc.

Exhibitor's Profile:

Products: A, nutrition and health products: keeping in good health, tonic, nutrients, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, functional products, high-end drinking water, pollen products, and bee products, ginseng products, fish oil products, enzymatic products, green algae products, germ products, chlorophyll products, aloe vera, fungi products, plant extraction products, and high-end import nutrition food, etc. B, the health care product: natural products, green food and organic food, enhance immunity products, anti-aging products, cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention products, the products of liver and kidney function products, Marine biological products, reduce weight health care products, amino acids, BuXieJi, fatty acid, edible fiber, DHA/EPA products, new resources of food, etc.; C, health drink: health drink, slimming, health wine, functional water, coffee drinks kind, and related drinks, etc.; D, beauty thin body: functional beauty thin body products, beauty &skin care supplies, natural beauty products, Chinese herbal medicine beauty products, the foot medicine bath products; E, no sugar, food, food: and the low sugar drinks, milk powder, oatmeal, corn grains products, diabetes health food. F, dietotherapy medicinal food products: dietotherapy medicinal food raw materials and related equipment, Chinese traditional medicine (and chopped/traditional medicine etc) /, Chinese medicine yinpian, national features drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, material and extract etc. J, health care products packaging: medicine health care production equipment and packing equipment, printing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc. Exhibition introduced

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August 23 - 25, 2011    Industry News

12 th China International Nutrition and Health Industry (Shanghai) Exposition