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13 th China Iernational Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2011)
( CIOE 2011 )

Time 1: Sep 06, 2011 - Sep 09, 2011

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Shenzhen Shenzhen convention and exhibition center Shenzhen HeRongHuan endowment exhibition Co., LTD

Event Profile: All over the world photoelectric industry professional exhibition-13 th China international optoelectronic exposition in 2011 will be on September 6 to 9, held at shenzhen convention &exhibition center, total exhibition area of 100000 O. Then, four major professional exhibition-optical communication and laser infrared exhibition, precision optical exhibition, exhibition, global electronic products LED display, the same period sourcing fair will get together more than 3200 domestic and international enterprise appear, display the current photoelectric world photoelectric industry technology and products latest. CIOE established since 1999 in shenzhen has been successfully held for twelve years. CIOE2010 exhibition period, there were from the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for 52 countries and regions over 80000 times, the professional buyers and the audience to the show, participate in photoelectric products purchasing and industrial exchange. Britain, Japan, Germany photoelectric association with purchasing parties, were organization enterprise business group in the form of the exhibition site for the various forms of business talks.

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Products: Optical communication and laser infrared optical communication system equipment exhibition, optical components (active device, passive components), optical communication equipment, network engineering auxiliary equipment and materials, digital video optical transceiver lasers and laser application, laser processing equipment/auxiliary equipment and accessories, photoelectric infrared sensor, light/infrared thermal imaging device, and infrared night vision, infrared measuring temperature, photoelectric attached and photoelectric equipment precision optical exhibition optical materials, optical element, optical instrument, optical processing testing equipment, optical coating, machine vision LED exhibition LED components and materials, the LED encapsulation/module, LED semiconductor lighting and application, LED manufacturing/testing equipment global electronic product sourcing fair consumer electronics

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September 06 - 09, 2011    Industry News

13 th China Iernational Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2011)