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14th Pet Fair Asia 2011
( PFA2011 )

Time 1: Sep 24, 2011 - Sep 27, 2011

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Household Consumables Shanghai Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center. China's Shanghai, 70 caobao road C a floor 6 Shanghai WanYao enterprises dragon exhibition Co., LTD

Event Profile: 14 th Asian Pet exhibitions (2011) will be your Pet Asia in 2011 September 24-27, Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center was held. The annual Asian pet expo is China and Asia's leading international pet products exhibition, since 1997 in Hong Kong held the first since, with its strong brand advantage for 14 years, along with China's pet industry's rapid economic development, it has become one of Asia's most influential pet industry brand one of the exhibition. Asia by pet exhibitions to establish or expand domestic trade export channel "B-B" pure trade exhibition and promote consumption and promote the brand of "B-C" public exhibition component is the pet supplies manufacturers at home and abroad, agents, distributors, buyers will be the annual industry to event.

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Products: The pet food pet/pet snacks local staple food The pet supplies pet clothing/pet appliances/pet cages/pet toys/pet care products/pet beauty products/pet discipline products etc Pet medical pet medical equipment/pet health products/pet vaccines/pet drugs/pet hospital, etc Aquarium products aquatic animals box/add oxygen equipment/heating pipes/lighting lamps and lanterns/filter/fish feed/aquatic animals drug/aquatic plants/sink sand Equestrian product horses feed and nutrition, health care products, pharmaceuticals, beauty products/rider supplies/saddle and saddle pad, the curb, the REINS/stable equipment/horse and related works of art, etc Horticultural products outdoor fountain/remnant/the botanical garden sculpture/rockery/artificial turf/pavilion/light tent/water/garden furniture/waterfall leisure camping equipment and other auxiliary facilities Pet dog/cat of living/bird/fish/rabbit/hamster/turtle/lizards and other living animals, etc Other pet magazine/pet website/pet photography/pet club/pet lovers community, etc

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September 24 - 27, 2011    Industry News

14th Pet Fair Asia 2011