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Beijing Jewelry Show
( 2013 Beijing Jewelry Show )

Time 1: Apr 12, 2013 - Apr 15, 2013

Industry City Venue Organizer
Jewellery Beijing Beijing Guomao Exhibition Center Qingdao Haiming International Exhibition Ltd.
Beijing Haiming Huibo Exhibition Ltd.

Event Profile:
Beijing is not only the political, economical and cultural center for China, but also a global metropolis for economic exchanges. It has market network covering huge domestic consumer groups and world consumers and dealers;
Beijing has a millennium¡¯s history with a profound jewelry culture. There are a lot of jewelry museums, individual jewelry collectors and connoisseurs influencing heavily on the aesthetics and habits of the consumers. The customers¡¯ favor to jades and jewelries has been pushing the prosperity of the jade and jewelry market in Beijing. There are many large scale jewelry distribution centers in Beijing such as Panjiayuan Jades, Beijing Tianya Antiques, Beijing Guanyuan Jewelry City, Beijing Luoke Jewelry City, Beijing International Jewelry Trade Center, Wante Jewelry City, Caibai Jewelry, and jewelry divisions in Zhongyou, Wangfujing and Pacific department stores, Blue Archipelagos Mansion, Cuiwei Plaza, Parkson Shopping Center, Guomao Shopping Mall etc.
During the Christmas season from Dec. 23 to Dec. 26, 2011, we shall launch a golden period for jewelry consumers to let the jade, diamond, gold and silver witness the forever love and affection, and to add a colorful touch to the millennium¡¯s jewelry culture.
The organizers shall take advantage of the golden period to promote the market with the local business and tourist companies in Beijing who can participate either as a sole sponsor or a partner. In both cases, you will have the opportunity provided by the Organizing Committee and Beijing co-organizers to directly expose your products to the consumers and dealers.

Visitor's Profile:

Exhibitor's Profile: There are over 500 stands and booths for exhibitors from over 20 countries and local famous brands; exhibitors from Taiwan shall introduce their specific jewelries on red corrals designed in Chinese style; exhibitors from Thailand, India and Sri Lanka shall display their rubies, sapphires and color jewels;
The exhibition shall be organized by teams of elite with decades of experience in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao for a dozen of international jewelry exhibitions.
The organizer shall adopt advanced exhibition modes and operate in professional ways. A service department shall be set up to confirm the demand and purchasing intensions, and provide information from the database, supplies from the manufacturers and comprehensive services, so as to build a information platform covering the entire Beijing district. The organizers shall do their utmost to invite as many visitors as possible though various channels. Literatures will be sent directly to 10000 potential purchasers, and service phone numbered 4006-0532-08 shall be published all over the nation. Information about the exhibition shall be disseminated through internet of various sectors. Potential visitors can apply easily according to the information from various channels. The organizers service staff shall provide reminders to the applicants according to the preparatory progress of the exhibition.
There will be a huge group of purchasers visiting the exhibition. It is estimated to receive 20,000 visitors during the exhibition period, and purchasers and professional buyers from the United States, France, the Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Italy, Russia, Thai, Hong Kong and Taiwan will patronize the show and make it a bona fide ¡°purchasing carnival¡±.
The organizers shall launch powerful advertisement in multiple mass media channels including such dot-coms as 21 Century Jewelry, Shenzhen Jewelry, international jewelry and China jewelry marketing, as well as publications like Jade Weekly, Fortune and Jewelry, Discovery of Resources, and Business etc.
The exhibition shall be launched in a colorful and magnificent manner. There will be splendid opening ceremony, appealing highlights, jewelly catwalks, seminars, product release conferences, etc.

Diamonds and Jades: Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jasper, artificial precious stone, crystal, tourmaline;
Jewelries: Platinum, gold, K-gold, silver, palladium, diamond and germ jewelries, inlaid jewelries, simulation jewelries, and gold-coated, pearl, jade jewelries.
Pearl and Corral: China freshwater pearl, China sea pearl, Japanese pearl, South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearl, Mabe pearl, cultivated pearl, artificial pearl; red corral, precious corral, and corral jewelry etc.
Jades: Jades, Hetian jade, Shoushan stone, blood stone, Qingtian stone, Balin stone, amber, and Xiuyan jade;
Equipments and Instruments: Jade processing equipments, jewelry tools, testing instruments, cleaning equipment, managerial software, display and packing items etc.
Fashion Jewelries: Artificial stone, metal jewelries, spares, stainless-steel jewelries etc.

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Exhibition Report
April 12 - 15, 2013    Industry News

Beijing Jewelry Show