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Brew Drinks China
( Brew Drinks China 2007 )

Time 1: Aug 16, 2007 - Aug 18, 2007

Industry City Venue Organizer
Food and Beverage Qingdao Qingdao International Convention Centre China Light Industry Machinery Association
Qingdao International Exhibition & Trade Co., Ltd.

Event Profile: BDC2007 expand the field to the whole liquid food in order to match the demand of multi-trend of consumption market. The profile involve Dairy, Edible oil, canned food, together with the traditional beer, soft drinks, wine, water industry. The organizing committee would care more about the targets on Energy-saving & Environment-friendly Brew-Beverage Technology, the standard of sanitation & safe of liquid food and how to improve the period of validity of dairy product, etc.

Visitor's Profile:

Exhibitor's Profile:

Machinery, Equipment and processing
Machinery for Beer Production -- for Malt Production ,Yeast Machinery,
Machinery for Soft drinks Production --- asepsis blowing machine, pre-proceeding system,
Match-material system°Ęsuppling equipment, Concentrating Equipment,
Machinery for Wine & Sipirits Production
Machinery for Liquid Food
Packaging Equipment
Filtration & Seperation Euipment,
Cleaning, Filling & Sealing machine,
Inspection & Sorting Machine,
Labelling & Printing machine,
Loading & Unloading
Transportation & Conduct Equipment
Cleaning, Disinfection & Sterilization System
Measurement and control systems --- Instrumentation,
Other Related Equipment --- CIP cleaning equipment, Pump, Valve, Pipe, Tie-in, Filter, Vessel,
Packaging materials and packaging accessories
Energy Equipment, Water Disposal Equipment --- Boiler Equipment, refrigerating equipment, Compressed air Equipment, CO2 Recycling Equipment, Brewing Water Disposal Equipment, Sewage Disposal Equipment, Oxidizing Water Disposal Equipment, concentration diluted equipment
Laboratory and analytics equipment and facilities
Environmental Protection & Rycycling
Raw Materials & Additives --- Enzyme,Yeast,Oxidant,Asepeic,Flavor Stabilization,Microb Control, etc. End Production --- Beer, Soft drinks, Milk, Water, Fruit juice, Energy drinks, Wine, Spirits, Alcohol, non- Alcohol, etc.
Catering Equipment & Suppliers
Ralated Industry --- Planning, consulting, work safety, services and trade associations

Web site: http://www.bdcqd.com

E-mail: bdc@qdicec.com.cn

Tel: 86-532-88891421

Fax: 86-532-88898167

Exhibition Report
August 16 - 18, 2007    Industry News

Brew Drinks China