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( The 3rd China-ASEAN Expo )

Time 1: Oct 31, 2006 - Nov 03, 2006

Industry City Venue Organizer
Machinery Nanning Nanning International Conference & Exhibition Centre, Guangxi, China The People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Event Profile: The 3rd China-ASEAN Expo will be staged on October 31-November 3, 2006, and the 3rd China-ASEAN Business & Investment Summit will be held simultaneously.

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Products: Exhibition Sections for Commodities from the 10 ASEAN Countries focuses on showcasing Oil & Chemical Products, Mineral Products, Chemical Raw Materials, Electronics & Electrical Appliances, Office Supplies, Rubber & Its Products, Timber & Its Products, Palm Oil & Its Products, Handicrafts with ASEAN Flavors, Agricultural Produce & ASEAN Foodstuffs, etc.

Exhibition Section for Chinese Commodities focus on Machinery & Equipment; Electronics & Electrical Appliances; Building Materials & Household Ware; Agricultural Materials, Agricultural Produce & Foodstuffs.

Web site: http://eng.caexpo.org/home/index.html

E-mail: caexpo@caexpo.org

Tel: 86-771-5813111, 5813120, 5813116, 5813117

Fax: 86-771-5813388, 5813131

Exhibition Report
October 31 - November 03, 2006    Industry News