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China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition
( China International Food Exhibition and Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition 2010 )

Time 1: Mar 29, 2011 - Mar 31, 2011

Industry City Venue Organizer
Food and Beverage Guangzhou Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre (No.119 Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou) Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Event Profile: Food industry is a traditional and people's livelihood industry. It has intimate relationship with agriculture and receives supports of national policies. With the development of life standard and quality, people pay more attention to the food quality and security. Government has set up the China Food Security Law and will carry it out on June 1st, which will standardize the food industry, stop the food security accident, support the innovation of the food industry, extend technology research and new products development, and encourage the industries to build their own brands .Guangzhou is the economic, commercial and financial centre of China, and is the important production base and import and export centre of China. In addition, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and South Asia, it has an excellent economic radiation power and preeminent position. These entire make Guangzhou plays a significant role in the economic development throughout the whole country. And in this exhibition, the organizer will promote this exhibition through all kinds of media and provide considerate service so as to make a more professional and international one. We are expecting your participation and to create a brilliant future for food industry together.

Visitor's Profile:
1.This exhibition has received the support from Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Office, Guangzhou Foreign Trade Bureau and Municipal People¡¯s Government and relevant departments. And it will report the whole process through GZTV, Southern TV, Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolitan News, Phoenix TV, and Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao etc and put up numerous ads on bus and in the open air. That will attracts 100,000 professional audiences from main land and oversea to come to purchase.
2. We will make great efforts to invite purchasers from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. With the strong support of oversea exhibition organizers and Guangzhou foreign embassy, we will invite the visiting pavilions from Malaysia, Viet man, Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, America to exhibit.
3.The exhibition is undertaken by professional organizers who have built up a favorable show transaction platform and has a huge dealer¡¯s database to interact through SMS. There are also specialized person to send SMS and E-mail to the target visitors at regular time.
4.The organizers will organize the supermarkets and whole-sale markets to purchase, such as Trust-mart, Wanjia Supermarket, Parknshop, Hongcheng Market, Jusco, Jillian, Xinyijia Sup ermarket , Markro, Guangzhou Grain and Oil Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Ruibao Grain and Oil Wholesale Market,Guangzhou Dongwang Food Wholesale Market, southern Guangzhou Food Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Agricultural Production General Market,Guangzhou Three-one Food Wholesale Market,etc. ...

Exhibitor's Profile:

China B2B
1.Import foods
2.Food and beverage: beverage, catering and food, fruit and vegetable drinking, vegetable protein drinking, tea, snake food, instant food, candy and confectionery, condiment, fresh seafood, seafood, wine, bear, fruit wine, green tea, red tea etc.
3.Nutriment and healthy food£ºNutrient and Healthy Food, Nutrient, Nutrition complement, Nutrition fortified food, Abundant nutrition foods, Function (health) food, Natural products, Organic Products & Green Food
4.High quality agricultural products and grain and oil products: regional products, native products, edible oil, peanut oil, palm oil, camellia oil, olive oil, grain oil, high quality white rice, organic rice, organic food, fresh vegetables, evaporated vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh agricultural products etc.
5.Tasty addition and ingredient
6.Food processing and packing equipment: food processing equipment, meat processing equipment, metal detector, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, cry logy, bio-ferment technology, packing machinery, spurts and code machinery, packing material, printing machinery, beverage producing line, food test equipment etc.

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Exhibition Report
March 29 - 31, 2011    Industry News

China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition