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China (Dalian) International Garment & textile Fair
( 2010 China (Dalian) International Garment & textile Fair )

Time 1: Sep 04, 2010 - Sep 07, 2010

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Textile Dalian The World Expo Plaza, Dalian, China China, Dalian Free Trade Zone Committee

Event Profile: China (Dalian) International Garment&textile Fair (CIGF) is a national professional exhibition approved by the State Council. The success of CIGF fair will have great significance to implement the Central Authorities' strategy of encouraging the old industrial bases in northeast region and fulfill the planning spirit in the future.

¡°Continue to insist Innovation development, internationalization, marketing orientation¡± are the theme of CIGF. 2010 CIGF will enhance the promotion of exhibition, accelerate the trade exchanges and brand communication. The primary contents of 2010 CIGF are the exhibition, fashion show, brand promotion, fashion trend release and fashion forum. 2010 CIGF will deepen the function orientation to create the high-quality fashion exhibition.

Through the efforts in recent years, Dalian-CIGF has formed significant competitive advantages of ¡°Core Platform¡± for foreign fashion brands entering Chinese markets. Meanwhile, the annual theme of CIGF exhibition and ¡°Brand Distribution¡± innovative function has been imitated in several domestic exhibitions. The innovation modes of fashion show, fashion trend release, forum and other activities in the industry have exemplary role that cannot be ignored.

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September 04 - 07, 2010    Industry News

China (Dalian) International Garment & textile Fair