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China International Organic Food Industry Expo
( The 14th China (Beijing) International Organic Food Industry Expo )

Time 1: Apr 07, 2013 - Apr 09, 2013

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Food and Beverage Beijing China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Event Profile: nternational Organic Food industry Expo is a short cut and efficient platform to the company that hope to enter into the China market and expand their business. In recent years, Green Food&Organic Food industry grows fast in China. The organic food market performance in China is so excellent that promotes consumers to buy the high-quality of organic food. The 14th China International Organic Food Industry Expo have being internatioanlly recognized .we also offer a strong-effects guarantee and best publicity service for exhibitors.

Visitor's Profile:

Exhibitor's Profile: Our exhibition is the quintessence of the organizers, exhibitors and the professional visitors, hence make this exposition more professional, more market-oriented, and more commercialized. To make a perfect business atmosphere, our staff ,with our particular experiences invented by Shibowei Exposition, will offer a comprehensive and high quality services. You are entitled to experience our cosy exhibition environment and high quality sevice regardless of the size of your booth.

Products: Special Setting£ºLarge organic food base show area¡¢National Leading Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization show area¡¢organic food image show area
1.Organic food: Organic Fruits and vegetables,Organic rice, Organic miscellaneous grain crops, Organic raw materials and semi-finished products. Organic meat, milk, seafood products, organic convenient food, organic frozen food, organic children food, organic health food and cooked food etc;
2. Organic beverages: Organic tea, juice and drink, organic coffee, organic grape wine, beer, fruit wine, white wine, rice wine, all kinds of organic milk powder, dairy products and soy milk products, plant extracts, etc.
3.Organic Condiments£ºSoy sauce and vinegar, gourmet powder and chicken Powder¡¢onion¡¢ginger¡¢garlic¡¢powder¡¢condiment oil¡¢condiment sake¡¢natural perfume¡¢composite condiment series;
4. Organic herbal medicine: Puerarin, Dencichine, Various kinds of organic herbal medicine 5.Technology and equipments of organic food:Food freezing, cleaning and sterilization, disinfection, preservation, processing packaging technology and equipment
6. Organic products : organic cosmetics, organic textiles, organic cotton fabrics,organic forest products,
Organic oys, organic leather, organic furniture, natural personal care products, sapindus Soap milk,tea seed powder,activated carbon£¬starch toothpick, cleaning treasure, natural fruit enzyme, etc
7. Organic production material: seedlings and seeds, pesticides and land production products, soil improvement products, raw materials, fertilizer, breeding materials, feed, etc.

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April 07 - 09, 2013    Industry News

China International Organic Food Industry Expo