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Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Spring Canton Fair)
( The 113th Session of China Import and Export Fair )

Time 1: Apr 15, 2013 - May 05, 2013

Industry City Venue Organizer
Consumer Goods Guangzhou Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Pazhou) Complex;Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Liuhua) Complex China Foreign Trade Center Group

Event Profile: To promote import, the International Pavilion of Canton Fair has been set up especially for international exhibitors since the 101st session. It has been proven by the previous 12 sessions that the International Pavilion of Canton Fair has become the best trade platform for international enterprises to explore Chinese market. Many countries and regions (such as the USA, Holland, Spain, UAE, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong SARs, Macau SARs and Chinese Taiwan) have organized delegations of exhibitors to participate in the Fair and they all highly evaluated the event. The International Pavilion of the 112th Canton Fair, attracting 85,025 professional visitors, has yielded a successful outcome with 552 exhibitors from 44 countries and regions, such as the USA, German, Italy, U.K, Holland, Japan, Spain. The International Pavilion has become one of the best platforms for international exhibitors to enter Chinese market.

Visitor's Profile: Exhibitors of the Canton Fair come from various industries in China and the world. Chinese exhibitors of the Canton Fair boast good credibility and strength. Over 24,000 Chinese enterprises attend each session of the Fair. Among them, manufacturers account for 51%; foreign trade enterprises account for 38%; industrial trade enterprises account for 10%; scientific research institutions and enterprises of other types account for 1%. Excellent enterprises in the world gather at the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair sets up an International Pavilion from its 101st session and invites enterprises from all over the world to participate. It serves as a platform to demonstrate their strengths, uplift their brand images and exchange information for exhibitors from home and abroad.

Exhibitor's Profile: 34 sections cover 5 categories including: Industrial Products, Textiles and Garments, Medicines and Health Products, Consumer Goods, Gifts

Products: Industrial Products, Textiles & Garments, Medicines & Health Products, Consumer Goods, Gifts

Web site: http://www.cantonfair.org.cn

E-mail: webmaster@cantonfair.org.cn

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Exhibition Report
April 15 - May 05, 2013    Industry News

Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Spring Canton Fair)

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, MARCH 18, 2013 ¡ª /PRNewswire/ -- The Canton Fair - China's highest profile trade summit - today helps businessmen from all over the world access the lucrative Chinese market. The event is proving increasingly popular with entrepreneurs from developing countries, and a growing number are now preparing to attend the 113th installment, set to kick off on April 15. With its professional, user-friendly format, the Canton Fair consistently wins rave reviews from attendees. Businessmen from emerging markets particularly appreciate the opportunities on offer, as they take advantage of the event's high quality, competitively priced products to achieve ambitious business goals. Brazilian Ricardo Falavina owns Intercondors, a leather product manufacturer specializing in leather toys and decorative processed leather. "This event has really impressed me," said Falavina after attending the Canton Fair for the first time last year. "China is a highly attractive market and I am now planning to collaborate with the China-Brazil Investment Development & Trade Center to jointly build a plant here to make leather toys." "We used to rely heavily on imports from Europe," added Ronald Montario, commercial manager of Bolivian motorbike part retailer Becar Repuestos, after attending a Canton Fair recently with more than 80 Bolivian buyers. "However, now we have discovered that the quality Chinese products available here cost less. The fair has really opened up new business opportunities for us." Indian businessman Prakafh Nainaya has visited the Canton Fair seven times since 2000. "The most important thing is the insight I receive into China's current business climate every time I attend," explained Nainaya. "The event offers a much wider choice of products than fairs elsewhere. I will definitely keep coming back to realize my business goals with valued business partners." A growing number of African businessmen have also been drawn to the Canton Fair. Mozambican businessman Jose made his first trip to the 112th Canton Fair last year. "Now the Mozambican economy is not doing so well," he commented. "The global economy is not doing well. But China is doing well. I came here to bring Chinese goods back home to revive our economy." Organizers now look forward to welcoming participants from around the globe to the 113th Canton Fair. Let China's premier trade event help your business grow.