( China International Foodstuff Exposition (CIFE) 2011 )

Time 1: Jun 02, 2011 - Jun 04, 2011

Industry City Venue Organizer
Agriculture Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair(Pazhou) Complex Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Event Profile: China International Foodstuff Exposition (CIFE) is a professional international expo for the food and beverage industry. We are approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, jointly organized by the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuff, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA) ,and the Guangzhou Fuya Exhibition Co.,Ltd. CIFE has been successfully held 6 times since 2004 with the goal of building a global professional trade, add communication platform for the food and beverage industry. For CIFE 2010, Over 25,000 professional visitors have met with 523 exhibitors from 23 countries/regions of which there werw 34 official national pavilions .Overseas exhibitors accounted for 38% and 62% are local Chinese exhibitors. CIFE is known to be the largest trade fair for the food and beverage industry in South China.

Visitor's Profile: the organizers will invite supermarkets and whole-sale markets,wholesale,distributors from all of the county to purchase and and the foreign visitors are from more 30 countries.

Exhibitor's Profile: Asia Games will be held in November in Guangzhou which will attach 20,000,000 audiences from all over the world. We will make great efforts to invite purchasers from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. With the strong support of oversea exhibition organizers and Guangzhou foreign embassy, we have invited the visiting group from Malaysia, Viet man, Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, America to exhibit

1. Local governments and overseas pavilion
A. International pavilion: over 50% tags of the items on display are produced in overseas
B. Domestic food pavilion of advanced provinces and cities
C. According to the number of booths, the group will be awarded the memorial cup for his contribution and organization, and be entitled to the honored province or the distinguish country.

2. Wine and spirits exhibition (set up a special exhibition WINEXPO 2011)
Red wine, wine, beer, whisky, champagne, rice wine, medicated liquor, liquor, overseas¡¯ other spirits and alcoholic beverages;

3. Beverage area
Sodas, juices, vegetable juice, dairy products, cold drink, drinking water, coffee, tea etc.

4. Grain and oil& Seasonings
A. Grain products: rice, flour, grain crops, dehydrated food etc.
B. Seasonings: raw-food materials, food additives, food preservative£¬etc;

5. Leisure food area
A. Preserves: candy, cakes, fruit pudding, and sweet, canned category.
B. Nuts, roasted seeds and nuts: dried fruits, seeds, pistachio nuts, peanuts, and edible nuts etc.
C. Instant food, children¡¯s foodstuff, healthy food, medicinal granules;
D. Nutrition health food: children¡¯s food, health food, instant nutrition food.

6. Agricultural Products Area
A. Agricultural Characteristics: the regional characteristics of agricultural around melon and fruits, vegetables, and crops.
B. Agricultural achievements: Special agricultural sightseeing parks, planting/ breeding/processing production bases and high technologies and products, modern agricultural demonstration, transformation and promotion of creative agricultural achievements, high-tech ecological products.
C. Green organic food: authenticated in domestic and international authoritative institutions;

7. Catering Exhibition Area
A. Oil, spices, seafood products, ham, frozen meat, poultry and marine products, etc
B. The kitchen appliances: bake/kitchen/breeding/freezing equipments, tableware, kitchenware, etc

8. Food Machinery & Packaging exhibition Area (set up a special exhibition£ºCMPE 2011)
Food equipments those are relevant to food production, food processing and food packaging.

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