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cippe beijing
( The 13th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition )

Time 1: Mar 19, 2013 - Mar 21, 2013

Industry City Venue Organizer
Metal,Minerals & Energy Beijing New China International Exhibition Center,Beijing Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Event Profile: China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe Zhenwei International Petroleum Exhibition), a regular gathering of petroleum and petrochemical industry, has been held for ten sessions successfully. Held in Spring in Beijing every year, cippe has become the largest petroleum show in Asia and one of the world¡¯s top-3 petroleum exhibitions as well.

Visitor's Profile:
Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
Oil & Gas Processing
Oilfield Services Contractors
Petrochemical Plant
Pipeline Operation
Project Consultancy
Repair & Maintain Services (incl. welding shops)
Rig Fabricator and Operators
Trade Association
Transportation & Storage Services
Testing & Inspection Services
Building and Construction
Chemical Processing
Consulting Service Companies
Distributor/Retailer/ Importer & Exporter
Drilling Contractor/Services/Equipment Supplies
Education & Training
Engineering, Construction & Contracting Services
Environmental Protection Equipment & Services
Financial Services
Geological & Seismic Services
Manufacturers' Representatives
National Oil Company/Government Institutions

Exhibitor's Profile:

Oil & gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment
Petroleum & petrochemical equipment and manufacturing
Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling ( for onshore and offshore ).
Examination & repair, maintenance, and management of petroleum & petrochemical equipments
Technology and equipment for oil and gas pipeline engineering
Technology and equipment for scientific research and laboratory in petroleum & petrochemical industry
Driving Machinery including generation set
Technological process and equipment for oil refining.
PCL & DCS Control System, On-site Bus Technical Equipment
Industrial automation plant and instrumentation
Oil & gas ground technical equipment
Technologies and equipment for safety, environmental protection, and energy conservation
Petrochemical production and advanced material
Electrical & electronic equipment, cable and electric wire
Sales system and facilities in petrol & gas station
Pipeline, tank car and special vehicles for oil and gas transportation
Fluid control equipment- Compressor, Pump, Blower and Valve
Fire and alarm equipment, articles for industrial safety and labor protection
Industrial explosion-proof products
Equipment for industrial rinsing, technology and material for anti-corrosion.
Communication, management information system, and e-commerce
Technology and equipment for loading & unloading, packaging, storing & transporting

Web site: http://www.cippe.com.cn

E-mail: cippe@zhenweiexpo.com

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Fax: +86-10-58236567

Exhibition Report
March 19 - 21, 2013    Industry News

cippe beijing