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Guangzhou Brand Forklift & Accessories Exhibition
( Guangzhou International Brand Forklift & Accessories Exhibition China 2011(BFE) )

Time 1: Jun 22, 2011 - Jun 24, 2011

Industry City Venue Organizer
Transport and Logistics Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair, Pazhou 11.1 Complex Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou YiFa Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Event Profile: During the exhibition, we also held the industry conferences ˇ°The Launching Ceremony of Southern Internet of Things Demonstration Projectˇ±, ˇ°Inaugural Meeting of Guangdong Logistics Technical Committee for Standardizationˇ±, ˇ°China Forklift Company Sales Performance Conference 2010ˇ±, ˇ°Forum for Guangdong and Hong Kong Logistics Development Strategy in Post Financial Crisis Eraˇ±, ˇ°Propaganda Lecture of Guangzhou Asian Games Transportation and Logistic 2010 and Communication Conference for Suggestions Collectionˇ±, strongly enhanced the added value of the exhibition.

Visitor's Profile:
Construction & Building
Material handling & Logistics
Post & Telecom
Airport & Dock

Exhibitor's Profile:

Forklift Truck Area :
Diesel trucks, battery trucks, electric trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric pallet handlers, telescopic trucks, side forklift trucks, truck tractors, container trucks, container reach stackers, hand pellet trucks, hand trucks and so on.

Forklift Accessories & Attachment Area :
Automotive tyres & trundle, battery & electrification system, electric lamps system, driving system, steering system, hydraulic system, fluctuation system, control system, bodywork system, seat & gantry system, transmission system, electric system, heat removal system, professional lubricant, hydraulic oil, goods fork, hose reel, fork positioners, push/pulls, carton clamps, fork lamps, side forks, block handlers, paper roll clamps, barrel clamp, no-arm clamps, bar arm clamps, drum clamps, tumafork, multi-purpose pallet handlers, load stabilizer, bale clamps, tipping fork, telescopic forks, rotator, multi-purpose clamps, turnaload and pallets.

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Exhibition Report
June 22 - 24, 2011    Industry News

Guangzhou Brand Forklift & Accessories Exhibition