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IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exhibition

Time 1: May 19, 2011 - May 21, 2011

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Electrical & Electronics Dalian Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center IEEE Power Engineering Society ;Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

Event Profile: IEEE/PES: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics, Power Engineering Society has created an exposition and conference serving both underground and overhead power. Its general headquarters is located in U.S.A. Since its first Conference and Exposition in 1964, has already succeeded in running 17 times in U.S.A. IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition . It is that this field is the largest and most influential in the world at present. More than 500 enterprises in all parts of the world participate in the exhibition. On the international authoritative influence of power industry. CSEE: Chinese Electrical Engineering Society. has set up 33 study committees (sub-commissions) covering their particular area of electrical engineering, and 33 local Society of Provincial level covering 33 Provinces in whole country. CSEE has 120,000 members and 1000 organization members. The authoritativeness and influence power are enormous.

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Exhibitor's Profile: "Scope of Exhibition: Scope of exhibition includes but not restricted to following aspects: -Power transmission and distribution equipment and technology -Power generation equipment and technology (thermal, hydropower, nuclear etc.) -New sources of energy for power generation (wind power, geothermal, solar energy and tidal power etc.) -Power dispatching system (SCADA/DMS/EMS System) -Automation equipment and technology for power industry -Energy saving and environmental protection equipment and technology -IT and telecommunication equipment for power industry -Electrical equipment -Instrument and meters, control and testing equipment and technology -Other relevant technology, Equipment."


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May 19 - 21, 2011    Industry News

IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exhibition