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ProPak China
( ProPak China 2010 )

Time 1: Jul 14, 2010 - Jul 16, 2010

Industry City Venue Organizer
Printing & Packaging Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) China International Exhibitions Ltd

Event Profile: The 16th International Processing, Packaging and End-Line Printing Exhibition

Visitor's Profile: Agro-Industries, Beverage / Brewing, Canning / Bottling, Chemical Product Manufacturing, Confectionery Manufacturer, Consultancy, Consumer Goods Manufacturer, Contract Packaging, Cosmetics Manufacturer, Dairy Product Manufacturer, Education / Government, Electronics Manufacturer, Food Processing, Food Retail / Distribution / Wholesale, Frozen Food Manufacturer, Industrial Product Manufacturer, Machinery Importing / Dealing / Distribution, Packaging Materials Manufacturer, Pharmaceutical Production, Preserved / Dehydrated Food Manufacturer, Printing, Refrigeration / Cold Storage System, Seafood Processing, Water Treatment
Beverage / Brewing
Canning / Bottling
Chemical Product Manufacturing
Confectionery Manufacturer
Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Contract Packaging
Cosmetics Manufacturer
Dairy Product Manufacturer
Education / Government
Electronics Manufacturer
Food Processing
Food Retail / Distribution / Wholesale Frozen Food Manufacturer
Industrial Product Manufacturer
Machinery Importing / Dealing / Distribution
Packaging Materials Manufacturer
Pharmaceutical Production
Preserved / Dehydrated Food Manufacturer
Refrigeration / Cold Storage System
Seafood Processing
Water Treatment

Exhibitor's Profile: Beverage Packaging, Bottling, Brewing, Brewing/Beverage Processing, Canning Technology , Cosmetic Packaging, Cosmetic Processing Machinery, Dairy Processing Machines, Flexible Packaging, Food Ingredients / Additives / Flavours, Food Processing Machinery, Glass Packaging Materials, Lactic and Drink Processing Equipment, Liquid Packaging, Liquid Processing, Manufacturing Services, Measurement & Weighing System, Metal Packaging, Packaging, Packaging Machinery (Food), Packaging Machinery (Non-Food), Packaging Materials (Non-Food) , Paper & Board Packaging, Paper Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery, Pharmaceutical Processing, Plastic Packaging, Plastic Packaging Machinery, Printing & Labeling Materials, Printing & Labeling Technology, Printing Technology, Processing, Processing Machinery, Quality Control & Testing
Beverage Packaging
Brewing/Beverage Processing
Canning Technology
Cosmetic Packaging
Cosmetic Processing Machinery
Dairy Processing Machines
Flexible Packaging
Food Ingredients / Additives / Flavours
Food Processing Machinery
Glass Packaging Materials
Lactic and Drink Processing Equipment
Liquid Packaging
Liquid Processing
Manufacturing Services
Measurement & Weighing System
Metal Packaging
Packaging Machinery (Food)
Packaging Machinery (Non-Food)
Packaging Materials (Non-Food)
Paper & Board Packaging
Paper Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery
Pharmaceutical Processing
Plastic Packaging
Plastic Packaging Machinery
Printing & Labeling Materials
Printing & Labeling Technology
Printing Technology
Processing Machinery
Quality Control & Testing


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Fax: +86 21 6209 5210

Exhibition Report
July 14 - 16, 2010    Industry News

ProPak China