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Shanghai Tourist & Franchised Commodities Fair
( Shanghai International Tourist & Franchised Commodities Fair 2010 )

Time 1: Jun 09, 2010 - Sep 11, 2010

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Travel & Toursim Shanghai China,Shanghai mart (No.99 Xingyi Road , Shanghai) Jingu Expo

Event Profile:
With the rapid development of the Chinese tourism industry, tourism has become one of the leading industries for the social and economic development. The status and role of tourist commodities are more prominent in the development of market economy, and the tourism industry has played a positive role in promoting regional economic development and industrial upgrading, and further drive the R&D of tourism commodities, which is of far-reaching significance for promoting the exchanges of tourist culture and enhancing the merchandise trade.

Shanghai, the world¡¯s ¡°oriental pearl¡±, is China¡¯s largest economic, cultural and financial center and an international renowned tourist center as well, occupying an extremely important position in China¡¯s economic development. The World Expo Shanghai 2010 will make Shanghai¡¯s economy, culture and tourism step onto a new stage. When the world expo economy is discussed, tourism will be mentioned first of all. During the Expo, Yangtze River Delta region will be brought with more than RMB46 billion yuan of the incremental consumption of tourist economy, 70 million person-time, a daily average of 400,000 person-time, of which 30% to 35% will further extend to other cities and attractions in the Yangtze River Delta region for sightseeing, thus bringing about tremendous business opportunities for the Yangtze River Delta¡¯s tourism and service industries. However, the current traditional product lines in the tourism market of the Yangtze River Delta cannot meet this demand. During the World Expo, the sales of franchised goods are expected to reach up to RMB5 billion yuan, and the demand for other tourist commodities will be an inestimable figure.

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Exhibitor's Profile:
Exhibitors from:
•South Korea
•Hong Kong
•Hebei Etc.

• Tourist scenic and traffic ;
• Tourist investment and exchanges ;
• Tourism planning and design institutes ;
• Tourist arts and crafts, gifts and ornaments ;
• Tourist leisure supplies and equipment ;
• Tourist travel tools and aviation supplies ;
• Hotel supplies and tourist fashion supplies ;
• Design and R&D achievements of tourist commodities ;
• Household supplies,decoration articles&Home texitiles;

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Exhibition Report
June 09 - September 11, 2010    Industry News

Shanghai Tourist & Franchised Commodities Fair