( SIFSE 2012 - The 7th Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition )

Time 1: Dec 07, 2012 - Dec 09, 2012

Industry City Venue Organizer
Agriculture Shanghai Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd (SGES)

Event Profile: Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Expo (SIFSE) is sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association, aiming at promoting the trading and communication in the fishery industry worldwide. It has been held in Shanghai successfully for 6 years, playing its role as a leading trade platform for international seafood suppliers to enter the China market, especially the rich Yangtze River delta region, and for domestic suppliers to meet international buyers. Its 7th session will be held in Shanghai again on Dec 7-9, 2012, we sincerely welcome industry professionals from China and abroad to attend this event!

Visitor's Profile:
Ø Aquatic product market, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors
Ø Trading companies
Ø Seafood processors
Ø Hotels, seafood restaurants
Ø Super markets
Ø Government agencies, trade associations, industry media
Ø Individual buyers, scholars

Exhibitor's Profile:

Ø Aquatic products, Frozen and fresh seafood products, dried goods, quick-frozen goods, frozen aquatic product processing, caviares, canned fish, air-adjusted fresh-keeping products, microwave oven processed products,etc.;
Ø Aquatic products processing, deep-sea fishing, marine products refrigeration
Ø Fresh-preservation technology & Equipments for seafood, deep-sea freight and storage; comprehensive exploitation of marine products, marine handicraft products; Ø Fishing boats and equipments; Fishing tackles; Navigation and communication technologies and equipments; Marine products industry cooperation;
Ø Aquiculture automation equipments and instruments; Heating and temperature-control equipments; Management and information technologies;
Ø Water decontamination and disinfection systems; Water examination and analytical instruments; Oxygen-increasing system;
Ø Various breeding pond and pump type;
Ø Aquatic products feed and additive; Feeding machine; Disease prevention and cure; Fish medicine.

Web site: http://www.sifse.com/en/index.asp




Exhibition Report
December 07 - 09, 2012    Industry News