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The 15th International Electronic Equipments & Electronic Components and Photoelectronic (China) Fair

Time 1: Jun 19, 2007 - Jun 21, 2007

Industry City Venue Organizer
Electrical & Electronics Shenzhen CHINA HI-TECH FAIR EXHIBITION CENTER, China Shenzhen Dowell Industrial Co., Ltd

Event Profile: The national scale biggest specialized electronic installation, the electronic primary device exposition

Visitor's Profile: 1. Electronic Products Factories: circuit, socket connectors, power and switch, precise apparatus and meters, IC, PCB, SMT machinery, light transmission, optics, motors, LCD materials, relay, amplifier, controller, plug, magnetic head, rejecter, transformer, charger, hot-melting gel, silica gel, screen print and other electronic equipments and parts. 2 Telecommunication: mobile communication, satellite communication, computer and wireless communication service, supplier of application wireless communication system, carrier wave, network maker, system integration, telephone, mobile phone, computer parts, keyboard, electrograph and duplicating machine etc. 3 Home Appliances: digital audio/ video equipment, television set, color display related products, display, air conditioning, microwave, VCD, DVD, walkman, integrated acoustics, car acoustics, washing machine and other small home appliances. 4. Synthetic Factories: lamps and lanterns, toys, medical machines, car electrics, warm keeping products, camera, refrigeration (compressor, condenser), precise machine, clocks and watches, glasses, automobile and motorcycle parts, plastic and metal processing, printing, chemical, jewel, textile, medical product, military product, scientific research, aviation and spaceflight key project etc. 5. Organizations and Other Companies: chain stores ,trading company, wholesalers, graduate school, research center, IT, financing auto service, bank and stock software , shopkeeper, financial institutions, government and public institutions, social organizations, industry association and trading organization.

Exhibitor's Profile: A. Electronic Equipments 1. Kinds of electronic equipments of producing, processing, shaping, maintenance assembling,encapsulation equipments, etc. 2. PCB,SMT 3. Test equipments, instruments and meters, electronic tools, etc B. Electronic Components 1. Electronic Components, Electronic Device 2. Electronic raw material, C. Special Exhibition Hall 1. SMT, instrument and meter - Cables, Switches and Connectors; 2.Resistance and capacitors; -Various ESD, Cleaning and Purifying Products


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Exhibition Report
June 19 - 21, 2007    Industry News

The 15th International Electronic Equipments & Electronic Components and Photoelectronic (China) Fair