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The 17 th International Furniture Fair in China

Time 1: Sep 04, 2011 - Sep 17, 2011

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Furniture Shanghai Shanghai new international expo center of Shanghai world expo exhibition hall JiCheng chengwei the international furniture villa

Event Profile: After the United States as a high furniture fair, the milan furniture fair the world's three big furniture after one of China international exhibition of furniture fair in September every year more than 2600 exhibitors all of the curtain in Shanghai, China, present to you each big field covers furniture industry the most competitive price, every year attracts the exhibits from 150 countries and regions of 100000 people. In 2011 show a big theme, one-stop purchase six, within the professional exhibition, international export fashion design week, electronic business service makes all the trinity of 365 days of world-class furniture trade event. China international exhibition held office furniture and China international exhibition of home decoration exhibition, China international exhibition of ambry, China international furniture production equipment and raw materials exhibition and China international furniture fittings and materials exhibition, the 17 th national furniture exhibition. In 2011 China international furniture fair 17 th September 14,-17, at Shanghai new international expo center held. Including production equipment and raw materials exhibition will be played in 7.9 square meters of the exhibition hall, JiCheng chengwei the international furniture for furniture fair, the village in the domestic initiative exhibition and circulation field length of the combination of the combined exhibition mode. In 2011, Shanghai international fashion design week will be September official start, extend for several weeks, include exhibition produced five years of "exhibition shop linked" activities, and will and of the Shanghai municipal government, combined with the linkage of activities in design brand, Shanghai creative park design class household products show, and to be the linkage furniture industry the commanding heights of the original design. In addition, the first domestic exhibition e-commerce platform furniture www.furnitureinchina.com online (from) the furniture trade pattern change is AnChao surges, click on the quantity, enquiries increases day by day.

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Products: Modern furniture Chinese style is classic furniture software/archaize furniture European classical furniture a cane to make furniture/outdoor furniture, metal furniture mensal chair office furniture hotel furniture catering furniture school furniture furniture airport hospital decorative fabric furniture carpet sculpture glass ceramic lamp adornment picture home decoration integral ambry integral bath ark cabinet plates/accessories kitchen appliances furniture mechanical products material leather fabrics props software furniture material furniture hardware accessories

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September 04 - 17, 2011    Industry News

The 17 th International Furniture Fair in China