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Wenzhou Int'l Optics Fair,China
( 8th Wenzhou Int¡¯l Optics Fair, China )

Time 1: Jul 10, 2010 - Jul 12, 2010

Industry City Venue Organizer
Optics & Ophthalmic Wenzhou Wenzhou Int¡¯l Convention & Exhibition Center, China Wenzhou spectacles association
Donnor exhibition co., ltd.

Event Profile: Experienced the three stages of price, style and quality, Wenzhou optical industry in has entered the strategic stage of brand industry, and frequent participations in the famous exhibitions worldwide. Optical exhibition in Wenzhou emerged as the time require, and already have initiated some relevant businesses.

Visitor's Profile: Manufacturers, Importers & exporters of glasses, sunglasses, lenses & other related products & General Public.

Exhibitor's Profile: Exhibitors are mainly manufacturers but not trade companies, which smooth you to seek for your matched factories in a most favorite price.

Products: Frame£¬Lens£¬Keratoscope£¬ Sunglasses£¬Presbyopic Glasses£¬Glasses box£¬ Accessory£¬Optics Manufacturing Equipment£¬Optical Instrument£¬Optical Tools, Optical Raw Materials and Others.

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