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Yiwu Fair
( China Yiwu International Commodities Fair )

Time 1: Oct 21, 2009 - Oct 25, 2009

Industry City Venue Organizer
Consumer Goods Yiwu Yiwu International Expo Center

Event Profile: Yiwu Fair has been held for 13 successive years since 1995. It is held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province in October every year. In 2002,it was upgraded as an international commodities fair. Since then, the event has been jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial People¡¯s Government and other relevant authorities. The Yiwu Fair, as a highly internationalized and informative event with excellent services and security, has become one of the largest, most influential and most productive commodities fairs in China. It has become the third largest exhibition sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, ranking only next to the China Import and Export Fair in

Visitor's Profile:
The Industries that Buyers Interested in (2004 Yiwu Fair):
Electronic and electric appliance: 9%
Leather, suitcases and bags: 9%
Clock, watch and glasses: 6%
Stationery and outdoor articles: 12%
Home appliance: 16%
Craftworks and gifts: 14%
Socks, weaving articles and their materials: 7%
Hardware: 9%
Toys: 10%
Cosmetics and lavatorial articles: 5%
Others: 3%

Exhibitor's Profile:
Exhibition Industries (2004 Yiwu Fair):
Daily-use chemical: 5. 9%
Electronic and electric appliance: 7. 06%
Hardware for daily use: 10. 28%
Stationery: 17. 48%
Toys: 5. 6%
Socks, weaving articles and their materials: 4. 23%
Leather, suitcases and bags: 4. 8%
cooperation Program between mountain (less developed) area and coastal (much developed) area: 2. 9%
Craftworks and gifts: 24. 97%
E-business: 1. 8% General merchandise: 15. 05%.

Products: Fine Craftworks
Cosmetics Area, Leather & Case
Comprehensive Fine Articles
E-Business Area, Fine Knitting
Arts and Crafts
Electron & Electrical Appliance Area Knitting Accessories
Home Articles, Stationery & Sports Articles, Hardware, Toys, Hill & Sea Cooperation

1F:Hall A1-E1
A1: Hardware & Machinery, Auto Supplies
B1: Auto Supplies, Electronic & Electrical Appliances
C1: Fashion Jewelry, Arts & Crafts
D1: Arts & Crafts
E1: Knitting Accessories, Garment, Footwear & Headwear, International Hall
2F: Hall A2-E2
A2: Stationery & Office Supplies
B2: Toys, Sports & Recreation Articles, Stationery & Office Supplies
C2: Cases & Bags, Cosmetics & Beauty-care Products
D2: Commodities, Shan-hai Cooperation District
E2: Commodities
GF: Hall B-E
B¡¢C: Crystal & Glass Products
D: Government Groups, Trade Services
E: Government Groups

Web site: http://www.chinafairs.org




Exhibition Report
October 21 - 25, 2009    Industry News

Yiwu Fair