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The following answers the questions you may encounter when using our Site. If the answer is not listed below or still not satisfactory for you, please contact us. We will always better our FAQ for your use.

* What can I benefit from using the Site? Is it free to use?

China Trade Shows & Fairs offers info on trade shows in China sorted by city, industry, and date. Informs of current trade shows with detailed info on venue, date, organizer, visitor, exhibition scope, and guide to attend.

You can easily find your interested items and trade shows in this great resource and make contacts right away. It's FREE.

* How to search out my trade shows from the Directory?

You can follow either of the three ways below.

Industry Search:
You need firstly to select the major category of industry to which your interested items belong, and then choose the right trade fair. E.g., if you are looking for certain consumer electronics, you choose the major category " Computer & Consumer Electronics ", and then you can view all the consumer electronics on our Site in the results pages and pick out your favorite ones.

City Search and Date Search:
It's as easy as “Industry Search“.