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Forklift Focuses on Shanghai
( 3RD China International Forklift & Parts Fair (CITA) )

Time 1: Jul 03, 2007 - Jul 05, 2007

Industry City Venue Organizer
Transport and Logistics Shanghai Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (88 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai) Shanghai Kexin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Chaowei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Event Profile: About FORKLIFT CHINA 2006
The total exhibition area was 10000 square meters. 200 worldwide famous enterprises from 26 countries and regions participated in the exhibition and about 25 thousand professionals visited the show. The on-site transaction volume was up to 7.8 million RMB (equal to about 9,650 thousand US dollars). It is expected that the exhibition in 2007 will occupy an exhibition area of 20000 square meters and attracts more than 300 enterprises.

Visitor's Profile:

Exhibitor's Profile:

1. Various forklift:
Industry vehicle:
Electric power tray transporting vehicle, forward forklift, low-place selecting forklift, high-place selecting forklift, electric power trailer, shipping container forklift;
Electric power tray stacker:
Internal-combustion forklift, storage battery forklift, flank forklift, fixed-platform forklift, front crane of shipping container forklift;
Fuel forklift: liquefied gas forklift, diesel oil forklift, petrol forklift;
Electric power forklift:
electric power tray forklift, electric power balance forklift, electric power lift forklift;
Hand-moving forklift:
hand-moving tray forklift, hand-moving lift forklift;
Special kind forklift:
flameproof forklift, multi-direction moving forklift, cross-country forklift, moving crane of shipping container.

2. Various accessories of forklift:
Driving system, transmission system, changing-direction system, electric system, hydraulic pressure system, carriage system, ascending and descending system, manipulating, storage battery, lanterns, axletree, chains, clutch, lube, hydraulic oil etc.

3. Various Accessory series of forklift:
Rolling tube equipment, goods fork, adjusting-distance fork, pushing and pulling equipment, cardboard box clip, fork clip, side-moving, brick transporting equipment, paper winding clip, non-arm clip, flexible fork, circle-pole clip, bucket clip, dual-functional fork, multi-functional tray fork, carrying-load stabilizing equipment, soft package clip, dumping and reversing fork frame, front-moving fork, revolving fork, multi-functional steel arm clip, revolving fork.

4. Various forklift trainings

5. Various forklift affiliated equipments

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Exhibition Report
July 03 - 05, 2007    Industry News

Forklift Focuses on Shanghai