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The 8th China International Ceramic Fair Foshan

Time 1: Oct 18, 2006 - Oct 22, 2006

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Construction & Decoration Foshan China Ceramics City, Foshan City, Guangdong, China China Building Materials Industry Association

Event Profile: Introduction of China Ceramics City Foshan is the largest ceramic producing area in China with an annau output of varous ceramics of 1.6 billion square meters and 10 million pieces of sanitary ware, its builiding ceramics takes up 60% of that of the whole country and 25% of the whole world.China Ceramics City as the symbol of Foshan and in the center of Foshan, is the top-grade ceramic market which gathers the most general products and the most comprehensive brands in China. Moreover, we hold ceramic fair twice a year, one in April, the other in October. China Ceramics Ctiy pays more attention to building exporting base for international buyers and manufacturers. Meanwhile, we have more advantages, such as more reasonable price, more qualified products, and so on. We are confident to declare that you can purchase any product here as you prefer.

Visitor's Profile:

Exhibitor's Profile: About 300 famous brands from domestic and aboard; Such as Eagle brand, Newzhongyuan, Dongpeng, American Standard, TOTO, Hansgrohe, etc

Products: ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, bathtub, Steam house, cabinet, kitchen ware, bath window/door, etc.

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Exhibition Report
October 18 - 22, 2006    Industry News

The 8th China International Ceramic Fair Foshan